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January 03, 2019


With the trend for open living showing, our kitchens have well and truly covered their place as the heart of the home. From food preparation to eating to homework and comforting, now days the kitchen is often the most lived in room of the house. If you are modernizing your kitchen and looking for ways to make it more friendly, check out our list of the ten things every family kitchen need.

  1. Kit Stainless Steel Fruit Cutter

 Stainless Steel Fruit Cutter

Here is an amazing product mandatory for your kitchen tools. Creative Watermelon Slicer is a useful Kitchen Tool. Melon Cutter Knife made of stainless steel is best Fruit Cutting Slicer White and Green. At the time of use, please aim at the fruit Core or center position, or cut up a laborious and uneven size. Peel the top and bottom of melon to make sure it will not slide; this is very important, or it will not be easy to cut and may break the slicer. Put slicer on melon and then push down to bottom, remember that the strength of two hands should be equal. Wash and dry it, make sure you can use it next time.

  1. Butter Cutter Slicers


  1. 2019 Butter Cutter Slicers

The one-click butter cutter holds and slices butter into pats with just a squeeze. Easily loads a complete stick of hard butter. Slices can be cut and dispensed with one or two hands. Measures out butter with 4 slices per tablespoon. No mess no fuss. Keep hands and butter clean. Stores in the refrigerator and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher or in warm water.

Butter Cutter Slicers is Made of food grade plastic with a stainless-steel cutting blade. Make life easier and cleaner by slicing hard butter with the one-click butter cutter. For use with the Standard 5" long 1/4 lb. bar of butter. Stores your butter (or margarine) in an easy to retrieve container and uses less shelf space than conventional butter dishes.

  1. Vegetable Cutter Slicer

Vegetable Cutter Slicer

Fast Slicer helps you make healthy delicious nutritious meals for the whole family by doing all the slicing, chopping, and grating of your vegetables, cheese and even fruit for you. Your Fast Slicer comes with 3 interchangeable super sharp stainless-steel drums for chopping, slicing, and grating 18 times faster than normal. It’s easy to use and saves you lots of time. Simply turn the precision power handle and watch the Fast Slicer work its magic. Make healthy homemade soups, salads and even veggie pizza that your whole family will enjoy. And Fast Slicer is dishwasher safe so cleaning is a breeze.

  1. Food Slicer Chopper

Food Slicer Chopper

Everyone loves the fresh, healthy, and nutritious salad. This salad cutter bowl can make you enjoy the nutrition balanced salad easily. It features the functions of a strainer, a cutting board and a mixing bowl. It takes the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allows you to chop the ingredients directly into the bowl, no cutting board is needed all at once. You can rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds!

  1. Detachable Fruit Storage Plate

A useful Kitchen tool for Fruit & Vegetable representation. Detachable Fruit Storage Plate has two separable parts. You may insert wastage in the lower part. Eco-friendly Plastic material and available in different colors. Our first priory to provide your kitchen utensils and kitchen tools. Detachable wheat straw fruit plate storage is a fantastic tool disc dry fruit snacks candy dish fruit bowl home kitchen gadgets.

  1. Food Cutter Stainless Steel Slicer

2019 Food Cutter Stainless Steel Slicer

This hand-held slicer offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with 6 interchangeable blades. These blades can cut through all kinds of veggies, grating cheese, slicing potato and cutting fruits. Quick and effortless to cut food prep time in half, very easy to use. The food container holder base can catch all your slices, shreds and cuts.

  1. Hand Finger Protector

2019 Hand Finger Protector

Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, reliable and healthy. Hand Finger Protector Protect your hand and fingers when cutting vegetables or fruits. No fear of cut while cutting vegetables or fruits. Stainless Steel Finger Hand Protector is a Guard Knife Slice Chop Shield Kitchen Tool.

Here at BuyBens Kitchen we have offered a variety of stylish, attractive and reliable kitchens accessories that have been designed to suit families and rooms of all sizes. From modern designs such as the antiques to the more traditional Rutland Collection as well as the popular elegance kitchens.